Small is beautiful but can only take you so far. Vigneto Communications while a boutique agency, has strategic alliances with a network of other communications entities as well as advertising agencies. The choice of partners is based on a similar outlook and divergent market specializations and geography. We work with WineVox on a number of French clients, with Fraiche PR on lifstyle and luxury brands and with Global Bridges on Spanish entities. May Matta-Aliah, a New-York based wine educator and President of In the Grape is also part of our network. We also partner with a host of Italian agencies on promotional activities in the United States. We have a working relationship with an entity in Canada as well. Additionally we have paired with other agencies domestically in markets throughout the United States, be it Chicago, Boston, Texas, Florida or California. Each market is different and it is fundamental to be able to count on local partners.

Using strategic alliances is also more economical for the client in that a team can be scaled up or down depending on the client’s needs.