Strategic Marketing & Communications

At Vigneto, we create successful strategic communications plans which focus on brand awareness with specific target audiences. We chose the right media and the right venues and create the right events and sponsorship opportunities for your target, making sure that they match your goals and aspirations and are also well suited to your unique financial possibilities. Learn More »

Public Relations & Events

Vigneto in Italian means an area cultivated with vines. Whether you need communications help for a small project or on an ongoing basis, Vigneto Communications can work with you. Just as the word Vigneto does not define the area and size of the vineyard, our services are flexible and tailored to fit your needs, whether they are small or large, short or long-term, static or changing. Learn More »

Sales/Management Support & Trade Relations

The US market is a very competitive one and Vigneto Communications can help you get into the market and support you once you are here.

We work closely with importers, retailers and restaurants to ensure that your product doesn’t get lost in this crowded marketplace. Learn More »


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